Package Deal

New this year is the opportunity to take part in a coordinated package deal which takes the hassle out of organising accomodation, meals and transport once you arrive at the host city. The UP events team have put together a package deal including everything you’ll need for a bargain price of only $250.00. Taking up this package doesn’t restrict you in any way, you’ll still be free to come and go as you please, choose to do whatever you want or simply chill and do nothing at all. The NatGat package deal includes the following:

  • Lunch provided in the city (Perfumed Gardens) on day one.
  • Return ferry tickets.
  • Daily bus passes.
  • Accommodation at the Magnetic Island Active Recreation Centre, Picnic Bay for the 6th and 7th of October. Air-conditioning, 8 person dorm rooms and a broad range of facilities.
  • All meals catered with input from our nutritionist.
  • First preference for all limited places workshops.
  • Maps and other essential National Gathering information.

Availability: 60/88 package spots have been booked (17.05.2012).

If you’re interested in taking up this offer please email your name, age and address to

Note: If significantly more than the current limit of 88 people are interested in the package deal we will explore options to increase this number.

Note: We’re coordinating this accommodation/food and transport deal and accept no liability or responsibility for your well-being during your stay. Your time on the island is your time on the island and you take responsibility for your own actions and their possible consequences.


5 Responses to Package Deal

  1. Parkour Neophyte says:

    Is it appropariate to come if you’re just a beginner? Or is it mostly for people who are really good. I love Parkour but I pretty much suck at it right now.

    • natgat2012 says:

      It will be perfect for you to attend if you’re a beginner. There will be very experienced instructors from all around the country at the gathering. We’ll be offering classes and workshops to help get you started and you’ll have the opportunity to train in a range of environments.

  2. merrky says:

    Really looking forward to the event!

  3. Arisa says:

    Hi my 14 yr old son would like to attend along with a couple of his friends – will thus event require parent supervision? Thanx

    • natgat2012 says:

      We’re not putting any restrictions on who can come at what age. That’s entirely up to individual parents, how responsible young people are and how much trust there is. However, at 14, I do believe that parental supervision would be ideal and you’d be more than welcome to take up the package deal in order to supervise your son and a group of his friends. If you want to discuss it further don’t hesitate to contact me directly –

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